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Earlier Today Which Was Really Earlier Yesterday
Seasons, Hiking, Fall, Trails, Backpacking
I went to this used book store in my town and picked up three Sci-Fi books. They're all collections of short stories. This is as far as I've gotten in the Sci-Fi genre; short stories. The longest of which is The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. How we come to obtain a book is a story in itself. I left behind a perfectly good copy of Walt Whitman writings. It was only two or three dollars! But, I'm not in the business of collecting books. I'm a minimalist. Even though Whitman is pretty gorgeous sometimes.

Also, I went shopping at the Salvation Army for some scrubs for work. Found one pair of scrub pants. Left the store with a few things. A thick woven hemp belt, A canvas bag for Jasmine rice that has "from the Himalayans" printed on it, and an Eddie Bauer brown leather Laptop/Messenger bag, a small piece of terra cotta to rest a candle on and a set of full sheets for my bed that are the exact pattern of some ones that I had as a kid on my bed, vintage Sears. :) In my theme of dicking around today out in commercial society, there were two dressing rooms in the place, I was trying on all kinds of dresses in the one without the lock and the other one had a hispanic lady in it who said "gherkin", or something, whenever anybody knocked. I knew she was asking if it was her kid who was repeatedly knocking, but, in fact, it was just other customers, and I said out loud, "It's not your kids.". I don't know who heard me. The dresses were good, my size, skinny but too big in the bust. Some brawd out there wears classy conservative dresses stretching out the tops with her breast implants? Stranger things have happened.


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