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Seasons, Hiking, Fall, Trails, Backpacking

Be Here Now

Stephanie's Journal

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Allergic to Atheists
Seasons, Hiking, Fall, Trails, Backpacking
I don't hate Christians. They don't bother me. I get their game. Enough said. I just feel bad about Atheists. They put too much effort into debunking Christian theology and in joining forces with other Atheists to attack Christians in elaborate wastes of time and to pat each other on the back for the comradery of feeling as if they have solved the most elaborate hoax of all time. At least I can respect an Agnostic, they admit up front with that title that they are just lazy and/or uninterested. Existentialists bug me too. I just don't like how some justify themselves in a smug and superior fashion. I understand that people are at all levels of life and have their opinions accordingly, as am I at my own point of understanding. I accept this. But these are just personally the groups that have the ability to bother me at this time. Justification for any opinion can be pulled from unlimited sources. There is no religion higher than truth.