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I'm Reminded of Me
Seasons, Hiking, Fall, Trails, Backpacking
I’m 26 years old and lately observing some of the behavior of some of my younger girlfriends I’m reminded of a time in my life once lived. My friends are racing around day after day seeking all kinds of information to validate newly forming beliefs. They are just beginning to define their identity and whatever suits them in the moment they push it out there for others to see. They are extremist, they are elitist, they are rebellious, they are naive. I remember when I held strong viewpoints for vegetarian and veganism. I would post up the infamous Peta video ‘Meet Your Meat’ on many public forums. I thought that people NEEDED this information. I thought that what I was discovering about the world was what was essentially missing in other peoples lives. Noone really cared about my postings. I was just suiting myself. How I feel life is now, is that I don’t want to just force my opinions on people and show them gratuitously the ever transient conceptualization of ‘who I am’. It doesn't matter what I think I am specifically giving to people. My purpose is simply to give when I am able, live my life, do my work and other’s will learn from me as they are willing and able. At this time and experience level in my life I am willing to say that life isn’t about pushing so hard to say that you are something, it’s simply about being there.

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some of my older lj entries, especially when it was first getting started, are full of this type of expression.

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